Oblivion was calling
and she feared to take a step forward.
She was subtle,
belonged on the surface.
Feared depth,
Feared height.
Hated falling too suddenly
and rising too quick.
Innocent like a pearl,
Peppy like a bubble.
Like rain in winter,
Rainbow in summer.
She was rare,
Because she glittered, brighter.
I guess She longed for a calling.
That would awaken her soul.
She decided to hitchhike
past the walls she had built around.
Break them down,
put a fire to the rubble,
and walk around the ashes
hand-in-hand with herself.
After all, death is inevitable.

Footnote: I was half-asleep in the bus when Srishti handed me her phone with a few lines written in the memo pad. She insisted for me to take it further. I had no idea about the context and who/what I was writing about. It took me more than a while to think it through, and words finally started to surface. Srishti structured the whole poem, and showed me the final piece. I was taken aback after reading it. It made sense to me. But I still had no idea about the context of the poem until a few days ago when Srishti told me all about it. 
The ‘She’ in the poem is Srishti’s closest friend (more like a sister) who recently tragically passed away. After getting to know about her a bit, all I can say is that I am honored for I was made to write about such a beautiful person. I pray for her happiness and for her to be at peace wherever she is. And I am sure she’ll be blessing her best friend and showering all the love on her. This is a bond much deeper than friendship. :’)



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